Our Services

Our services to the tourism industry are supported by proven methodologies and hands-on experience.

Each of our key services have soundly developed and well proven methodologies to support the practical experience of our consultants.

Our consultant teams are tailor made for each individual assignment.  Our teams work with clients to develop individual solutions for both private and public sector tourism organizations. 

TRIP Consultants services include:


-  Diagnostic Assessment and Sector Planning

-   Programme Identification and Design

-   Investment Feasibility and Project Appraisal

-   Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

- Strategic Marketing and Planning

-   Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

Organisation Strategy and Capacity Building

We listen to our clients and tailor our approach according to your needs and the required outcomes.

TRIP Consultants is a specialist provider of consultancy services to the tourism sector. 

TRIP Consultants brings together a number of specialists with extensive practical experience in the development and management of tourism.

Our individual consultants have international experience in all aspects of tourism research, planning and investment appraisal, as well as tourism sector project design, implementation and evaluation.

Our consultants have practical industry and consulting experience globally across including in Australia, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

We have the capability and experience to take projects through each stage of the project life-cycle, from planning and design through to ongoing project  implementation.

We have a detailed knowledge of global 'best practice' in the tourism sector and the application of a broader sector development approach at a national and regional level.

TRIP Consultants have provided real benefits to our clients in the tourism sector

Our services have provided real benefits, such as:

- Improved tourism policies at a national, regional and local level.
- Increased investment attraction and development.
- Increased industry sustainability and improved. natural resource management.
- Implementation of tourism plans and projects through PPP approach.
- Increased market penetration and improved effectiveness of marketing programs.
- Optimized resource utilisation and increased rates of return.
- Increased access to finance for public and private sector projects.
- Sustainable sector development through rigorous programme appraisal and design.

We work with the public and private sectors to provide measurable returns and strategic outcomes. 

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