Sector Planning Experience

Diagnostic Assessments and Sector Planning

lTourism Sector Diagnostic Study for Papua New Guinea for the World Bank/IFC
lPreparation of Regional Tourism Strategy for Central and South Pacific
lDevelopment of Provincial Tourism Plan for Santo in Vanuatu
lPrepared the South Pacific Green Tourism Action Plan for SPTO under Pro€Invest Funding
lDevelopment of first comprehensive National Tourism Master Plan for PNG
lTourism Sector Diagnostic Study for Solomon Islands for the World Bank/IFC
lProject management of Vanuatu Tourism Master Plan and Institutional Strengthening implementation phase
lRegional Tourism Strategy for Central and South Pacific
lDiagnostic Study of the Tourism Sector in Vanuatu for CDE
lDevelopment of Provincial Tourism Plan for Tanna in Vanuatu
lDevelopment of Tourism Action Plan for Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands
lTeam leader for PNG community based eco-tourism project design study

Preparation of Solomon Islands Tourism Development Strategy
South East Region of South Australia Tourism Strategy
Western Australia State Tourism Strategy
Tourism Sector Diagnostic Study for Vanuatu for the World Bank/IFC
Drafting of legislation for Vanuatu National Tourism Office (Amendment)
Act and Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (Amendment) Act
lTourism Sector Diagnostic Study for Tonga for the World Bank/IFC
lRedland Shire Tourism Development Strategy
Australian Tourism Commission - Strategy for the 2000 Olympics
SouthROC - Economic Development Strategy
Ipswich Region Development Corporation - Regional Strategic Plan
Project Manager Vanuatu Infrastructure Master Plan
lRedcliffe City Council - Economic Development Strategy and Business Plan for REDC
lPine Rivers Shire - Tourism Development Strategy
lCentral Queensland Economic Development Strategy (CREDOQ)
lQueensland Tourism Strategy Investment and ‘Product Development’ Issues Papers


Programme Identification and Design

lMarket Assessment of the Access to Finance Needs of Tourism Related SMEs in Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu for World Bank/IFC

lDesign of the Samoa Tourism Program for NZAID

lMarket Appraisal and Project Design Study to support the development of ecotourism in Western Province of PNG

lScoping and Design for Kokoda Track Sustainable Development Plan for IFC/World Bank

lProject Design of the Vanuatu Tourism Education and Training Project (VATE) Phase II for the EU

lDesign of the Tonga Tourism Support Programme for NZAID

lProject manager Vanuatu eco-tourism development guidelines for small and medium scale enterprises in rural areas

lProject design of Solomon Islands Tourism Development and Institutional Strengthening Project 2001-2005

lDesign of Vanuatu SME Rural Tourism Project and Interim Training Project

lTerms of reference design, project negotiations and government project management Vanuatu Outer Islands Infrastructure Study (ADB)

lProject Management of the Vanuatu Tourism Accreditation Program design

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